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Monday, May 01, 2006

Wired News: Movie Mashups Take on Trailers

Wired News: Movie Mashups Take on Trailers
Movie Mashups Take on Trailers

By Niall McKay| Also by this reporter
02:00 AM May, 01, 2006

Hollywood has drafted a British VJ outfit to produce the first official movie mashup.

New Line Cinema commissioned Addictive TV, a British VJ duo, to mashup the new Antonio Banderas blockbuster Take The Lead to market to the iPod generation.

Watch the mashup here:

The Brit duo, known for bootleg movie remixes of titles like the Italian Job and James Bond were commissioned by New Line in a VJ faceoff with DJ 2nd Nature and Electric Method.

"It's the first time that a Hollywood studio has included a mix as part of its (marketing) package," said Graham Daniels, who runs Addictive TV with DJ Trolly.

The pair are no newcomers to mixing and mashing video. As a live act, they've been on the road VJing since 1992. Performing live, they blend film footage, video and audio clips using video and audio mixers, DVD turntables, laptop computers and video projectors. But the recent upswing in mashup culture is giving them a new lease of life.

The pair have also been hired by EMI to create a Doors versus Blondie mix that will feature live Doors concerts mixed with snippets of Blondie's '80s videos.

"EMI liked our Queen vs. Tarantino bootleg mashup so they asked to create one for Blondie," Daniels said.

The pair will be performing a VJ "symphony" on Monday night at the San Francisco International Film Festival called "The Eye of the Pilot."

The audiovisual symphony will feature a collection of color 8-mm film from the '50s shot by French commercial airline pilot Raymond Lamy, mixed live with guitar playing, ambient music and images drawn from Addictive TVs archive.

"We like to perform special mixes for our concerts," said Daniels. "We did a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon mix for our Shanghai concert and the crowd went mad on the dance floor."


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