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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pheedo Bows Self-Service RSS Ad Product

Pheedo Bows Self-Service RSS Ad Product
by Shankar Gupta, Wednesday, Apr 26, 2006 6:00 AM EST
RSS MARKETING FIRM PHEEDO IS expected to unveil a new product that allows Web site publishers to insert and track advertisements in their RSS feeds.

Pheedo founder Bill Flitter said the product, dubbed "Ads for Feeds," will simplify the process of inserting ads into syndicated feeds. "What we've created is a way to make RSS advertising and analytics available to everyone," said Pheedo Founder Bill Flitter. "Before, publishers were a little bit in the dark. What this product does is shed some light onto some of the problems with RSS. We created this product really to be easy, almost to the point of cutting and pasting code into their template."

With Ads for Feeds, publishers host a piece of Pheedo code on their own Web sites, and that code inserts ads and tracks the advertisements. The more extensive, expensive version, now called "Ads For Feeds+," redirects the feed through Pheedo's own servers, allowing for more data to be collected.

The product currently works with the major blog content management systems, including Wordpress, Moveable Type, and Typepad. According to Flitter, Pheedo can write custom code for proprietary content management systems, as well.

Flitter said the company hoped the new service would allow it to capture more of the widening marketplace. "A real motivation behind this particular product was to appeal to the market. The market is changing quite a bit over a year ago, and more and more people are becoming aware of RSS, and they're RSS enabling their sites," he said.


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