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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coming soon to the US: gaming kiosks?

This is from IG's TrendCentral newsletter, April 10, 2006. The bit about kiosks at airports w/ downloadable content sounds brilliant.

Coming soon to the US: gaming kiosks? Already found in Japan, these download stations are tearing gamers away from the screen and out of the house. Located in high traffic public spaces such as train stations, these systems-specific kiosks offer demos, trailers and other gaming-related files to the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable. According to an announcement Nintendo made at the recent DICE Summit, the DS download stations will be here in the U.S. any day now. Gamers are a little dismayed that the stations will be limited to mass retail locations such as Target, but stores are excited about the extra traffic they may bring and the new revenue they could ultimately inspire.

We can envision this growing into a much bigger trend, with kiosks at travel hubs offering downloadable TV shows and movies for portable media players. While entertainment ATMs exist on the trade show circuit, they haven’t really gone mass. Their marketing potential has yet to be fully harnessed, but we imagine that as the number of people owning portable media players increases, we’ll see more of these kiosks loaded with coupons and promotional materials.


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