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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

iMedia Connection: How to Make Targeting Work

iMedia Connection: How to Make Targeting Work
Good starting point for brushing up on the basics as well as some of the latest regarding behavioral targeting. Bold headers below indicate actual page links to further info.

Find out what makes today's behavioral marketing techniques so effective -- and how you can use them.
Remember back in the early days of Internet marketing? When vendors promised one-to-one targeting based on personally identifiable information? It was a marketer's dream that quickly turned into a nightmare when privacy advocates stepped in.

Welcome it back, in the form of behavioral marketing -- the new generation of one-to-one targeting based on the online actions of consumers and their interests, rather than on who they are.

Learn about this effective targeting technique, how marketers are using it, and what vendors currently offer it:

Behavioral Targeting 101 Specialists explain what this functionality is and isn't about (first of two parts).

Behavioral Targeting 101 Part 2 What differentiates companies in this space (last of two parts).

Behavior vs. Context Understanding the difference can keep you from being unceremoniously dumped on the "no" pile.

Interpreting the Art of Behavioral Marketing Dave Morgan of Tacoda Systems discusses how to decipher behavioral data for maximum benefit.

Four Steps to Better Behavior MarketingAny marketer for any business can develop effective behavior-driven plans that grow the business. And online can deliver significant business impact.

Changing the Privacy Paradigm
Industry needs to teach users that behavioral targeting, if done right, can actually increase privacy.


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